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697th Orderly Room Camp Samaew SanThe 1st & 2nd Platoons of the 697th Engineer Company (Pipeline) were located at Camp Samae San and Camp Vayama 1967 - 1969.

Who was where and when is very confusing due to frequent deployments as missions required. We will get this all squred away shortly.

The names listed here are some of the 2nd Platoon personnel during this time period. Just click on their name to read their stories.

During this time frame, the 697th 2nd Platoon was attached to the 538th Engineer Battalion and was located next to D Company.

The 1st Platoon or parts of it were located at Camp Vayama. While D Company was constructing their base camp the 1st & 2nd Platoons were busy erecting two 10,000 barrel water tanks and starting to lay pipe.


Updated: 14 March 2001