The battalion was organized on 1 October l933 as the 38th Engineers (General Service).

The 38th Engineers (General Service) became 38th Engineers (Combat) on 13 January 1941 and activated as such on 28 May 1941 at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Participated in the Carolina Maneuvers September - November 1941.

Departed Charleston, SC on 3 March 1942 and arrived 30 March 1942 on Ascension Island. This island was about a 4 mile long lava strip. Here they constructed an airfield.

Landed at Pointenorie, West Africa 23 August 1942. Moved to Dakar, Africa in increments between
30 December 1942 and 17 February 1943. Here the 38th built many airfields in such places as Nigeria, Dakar Tindarf, French Equatorial, Congo, Marrakech and Atar.

The 38th Engineers (Combat) became the 38th Engineer Combat Regiment on 29 May 1943.

Departed Africa 8 December 1943 and arrived in England 4 January 1944.

The 38th Engineer (Combat) Regiment became the 38th Engineer General Service Regiment on
1 January 1944.

Landed in France 9 June 1944 and assigned to the Normandy Base Section.

Arrived New York 13 March 1946 and deactivated at Camp Kilmer, NJ on 14 March 1946

The 38th Engineer General Service Regiment was re-designated the 538th Engineer Battalion on 23 July 1953 and was activated on 15 November 1954 at Fort Knox, Kentucky as the 538th Engineer Battalion (Construction)

The 538th Engineer Battalion was deployed to Thailand by ship and arrived 14 July 1965 were it was assigned to the 44th Engineer Group at Camp Friendship, Korat.

The 538th Engineer Battalion was deactivated 15 June 1970 at Camp Samae San, Thailand.

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