The 697th had a dirty job. Building curbs, layin pipe, digging it back up, fix it, re-lay it, etc. But with out them, no running water, no flush commodes, no hot get the picture. Hats off to these ditch diggin, pipelayin all around


 Puttin down the curbs  Curbs are nothing more than a junction box. Made of concret, holes punched in the sides where you want the pipes. Good place to hide (if there is no water.
 Another curb  Many curbs were used to pipe the water to all areas of Camp Samae San, Korat, NKp, where ever.
 Layin Pipe!  After the curbs are in then the fun begins. Digging ditches, laying the pipe, trying to keep the water out (Monsoon season) unitl you can cover it up.
 Replacing a gasket  Leak testing, replacing gaskets, etc. What a fun job!
 Gettin the pump going  As stated before, trying to keep the water out! At least they stayed cool.

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