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D Company was the first of the 538th to move to Sattahip sometime around June 1967. Prior to this they were at Toung Pho constructing the Friendship Highway.

Around April 1967 an advance party from D Company was sent to Sattahip to construct a company area (mess hall, billets, admin office, motor pool, etc.) in preparation for the arrival of the rest of the company.

They were housed at U Tapao Air Base and completed the area within two months. One member of the advance party, SGT Calvin Parish, said many long hours were spent to insure the area was completed on time.

Upon the company's arrival, the mission of constructing Camp Samae San began. SGT Parish says the land consisted of rice paddies and swamp nestled between two small ridges and the ocean.

I arrived in July 1968 at which time 3 company areas, two motor pools, a BOQ and the MP station were still under construction. The USO, Chapel, EM Club, Officers Club and most of the supply depot were already completed.

Sometime around the end of the year C Company moved to Samae San and began construction of the Battalion Headquarters new area. Shortly after, the entire battalion arrived and construction of Samae San was put into high gear.

The 561st Engineer Company was attached to the battalion but I don't remember the exact time they arrived. I believe they were previously at Camp Lightning.

D Company was deactivated with the rest of the battalion on 15 June 1970.

Updated: May 23, 1998